On day four my parents arrive home from Texas! I woke up early to begin cleaning the house before I had a dentist appointment.

Heather and I both had the strawberry mango spark again today and we both though it tasted better than the first time. Which is really weird, maybe it just takes some warming up too… I hope the fiber just takes some warming up to too! For breakfast I had the usual eggs, oatmeal, and a clementine, so I guess I didn’t document it. I had an apple for a snack again.

I used the taco meat I made yesterday and made tacos today. Which I ate with some fresh cucumbers from my neighbors garden. For my next snack I made a smoothie. I  just throw some frozen fruit in the blender and strawberry lemonade crystal light and it makes a great smoothie.

Since my parents flight was coming in kinda late I made dinner for them. (Awhhh) We had salad, quinoa, and Asian sesame chicken. This chicken is so easy to make. All you do is defrost your chicken (this time I cut them into little squares but I don’t usually), place it into a crock pot with Asian sesame dressing, and the let it cook for an hour or longer. I just let it sit while I ran errands and cleaned. When I left for the airport I set the crockpot on warm and it was ready when we came home.

Here’s the dressing I used with the chicken.

My parents loved dinner and I loved the dinner. I can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow and the quinoa was so good and it’s very good for you. It taste like a mix between pasta and rice. It’s very high in protein and fiber. If you haven’t tried it yet I recommend you do, there’s a lot of different recipes and ideas for using it. Because my parents flight was late and I was waiting to have dinner with them, I opted out of having a snack before bed. I had just eaten and was still full so it didn’t make since to me to stuff more food down my throat before going to bed and you’re suppose to stop eating 2-3 hours before you go to sleep. So it just seemed like the right choice.
Let me know about any foods you have found or any recipes that are to die for.

XOXO, Kelsey S.