Okay don’t judge me, today I slept a lot… Like I woke up at 1:30pm. I feel very refreshed after my 13 hours of hibernation, but my meals were very messed up!

I had my breakfast around 2:30ish. Nothing special just the usual. My moms birthday fell on the week that they were gone so I made her brownies today and we opened presents.

And no I didn’t have any. August is an awful month for all this healthy eating and no cheating, we have too many birthdays and events this month. But I would rather look good then enjoy a bite that will only last a couple minutes.

Because I woke up so late and there’s only so many hours in a day I couldn’t fit in all my meals and snacks for the day (I know bad, but I didn’t want to just shove food down my throat). So for dinner I had chicken and quinoa from last night (I’m obsessed with quinoa now, I can’t wait for heather to try it). And then I had nuts as a snack.

I guess when you sleep your whole day away there’s not much to write, so that concludes my Friday.

XOXO, Kelsey S.