Good morning! Today we are celebrating my birthday and Heather is coming to visit. I started having breakfast when heather arrived so I forgot to take a picture, but it was the same as the last five days haha. While eating my oatmeal Heather saw me somewhat gag. I’m not kidding I literally gag while eating this fiber and I’m pretty good with foods and whatnot. She was pretty shocked that I actually found it that bad. She herself hasn’t really minded the oatmeal and fiber combo. So I willingly shared a bite with her, she was appalled at how bad it tasted. She told me that I needed to try her green apple and cinnamon flavored oatmeal next time I visited because her oatmeal and fiber combination did not taste like that.

Heather and I had left over taco meat, rice, and corn. We were in a hurry and just mixed it all together so we would have less dishes and  it ended up being really good.

For my birthday we went paddle boarding and heather and I both discovered we can do back bends on the paddle boards. Heather got up immediately but for me it took a lot of falling and getting back up.


But we both kept getting up and trying again and in the end we got some really cute pictures and some sore backs the next morning. If you haven’t gone paddle boarding definitely go it’s very very fun and a great workout. I wouldn’t recommend starting with yoga on a paddle board but if you’re interested look into it.. I really want to do a yoga classes on paddle boards sometime. After we expended all our energy out on the water we went to dinner at outback.

We had tuna as our appetizer while my parents had cheese fries. Heather got salmon and veggies for her entree and I had mahi and a baked potato. We both had salads but picked off the croutons. They brought out ice cream for my birthday and my dad really enjoyed that haha. Heather and I went shopping after dinner and then returned to the house to finish our puzzle we’ve been working on. And we finished it! While we enjoyed smoothies for our snack.

Today was a great day, this challenge is flying by. Let me know in the comments of any restaurants that you like to eat at during the 24 day challenge and what you get!
XOXO, Kelsey S.