We’ve reached the last day of the cleanse! I don’t see any differences and neither does Heather. In fact I kinda feel like my stomach is bloated today, so I’m beginning to worry about weight loss, but I’m trusting the process.

I’ve never posted about how I organize my bags but this is how. I put them in a container and then just grab the day that I’m on and usually leave that out on the counter throughout the day. 

Breakfast got fancy on the last day. I had the oatmeal which taste so much better when made in the microwave I’m in awe at how well this has worked and I’m disappointed that I ate this disgusting fiber throughout almost the whole cleanse phase when I could have not even tasted it. Then I had an omelet with spinach and mango. Yum! I love mango! I recently had a smoothie bowl at The Green Cat in Virginia Beach (http://thegreencatva.com) it’s a really healthy vegan, gluten free restaurant. I had it before we started the challenge. I thought I had a picture of it but couldn’t find it but it was a smoothie with a thicker consistency. And then they put mango, oats, and banana on it. Mine also came with coconut but I’m not a fan of coconut so I didn’t get it, but it’s a super cool and refreshing restaurant if anyone is in that area.

For lunch I had my cucumbers and rice I prepacked and non processed turkey. Make sure you are prepared and pack your foods I can’t stress that enough!

It was my last day of work so I got the nicest gift basket or as I like to call if the temptation basket. It included whoppers, slim jims, rice krispy treats, cheese its, and a target gift card. My parents enjoyed the rice krispy treats before I could even finish telling them what else was in it.

For dinner I had a salad and pork chops. I dipped my pork chop in ketchup.. Does anyone know if ketchup is allowed? I’m unsure of this but kinda figured if I only had a little it would be okay and it’s kinda a vegetable, right? Also Heather and I were wondering about shrimp. Heather looked it up before we began the challenge and said that shrimp wasn’t allowed but I’ve seen so many post with different Advocare recipes using shrimp? Anyone know anything about that?

So we’ve done it finished the cleanse phase, honestly I don’t really see anything changing, neither has Heather. I feel like my stomach looks bigger (hoping that it’s because it’s that time of month).

Another question! Did you guys see more changes in the cleanse or max phase! We’re seriously hoping that you say max phase!

XOXO, Kelsey S.